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Sochi dating app

sochi dating app

The app Tinder, which helps users browse all the single people in one area, has turned dating at Sochi into its own sport with skiers Joss. Sochi Dating AppTinder hookup app in Olympic Village is next level Video Gallery "Sochi Dating Ap. The dating app Tinder is all the rage in the Olympic Village in Sochi. If they're not actually using it to find dates, it's at least become a running.

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Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Backyard After Being Asked Nicely. Anderson added she found Tinder in Sochi so distracting, she had to close her account to focus on the Games. The Olympics itself has a history of wild parties, sex and giving out condoms — , condoms were sent to Sochi's medical centres this year, according to Yahoo. New Zealand snowboarder Rebecca Torr took to Twitter to reveal her fascination with using Tinder in the village — not to mention her disappointment when the Jamaican bobsled team wasn't registered on the app. But for the rest of us non-athletic types, meeting those hotties isn't a problem either — as long as you're in the village. Brittany Legasey, who is currently volunteering at the Games as a press assistant told Syracuse University's blog she is currently talking to 15 athletes on Tinder, and while some even made plans to meet up with her, of course work keeps getting in the way.

It's almost an Olympic tradition for athletes to, um, get busy in the Olympic Village. Sochi doesn't sound any different thanks to some help from. Let the dating games begin: The Olympics have always been a wild ride, but this year's hookups are hotter than ever, thanks to the popular dating app Tinder.

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