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World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking

world of tanks unbalanced matchmaking

was playing with friends and had this match where we got one less arty and four tier seven tanks! look more closer and you see tier seven tanks platooned alright! Could be due to playing in late hours but this is happening all day like enemy get 4 tier ten mediums and yours get 2 Should +/-2 Tier Matchmaking be Abolished? - Gameplay - World. The main method in World Of Tanks for game rigging is predetermining the winner and the loser by using unbalanced teams. If the teams are very unequal by. Unbalanced matchmaking? - posted in Game Discussion: So after the fix of unequal vehicle tiers per team and the new +/-1 match making.

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This would be a good quickfix that should be a nobrainer for the developers to want to put in. This sucks and is not fun but that's how it is until we get more people playing higher tiers I guess. We all know the problem by now that if you are playing tier 5 you often meet enemy tier 7 units and just melt. It sucks but this way we have a "normal" queue time. What is completely unnecessary though is a matchmaking that matches a team with one tier 7 player, two tier 6 players and seven tier 5 players against a team of at least 4 tier 7 players and at least 1 tier 6 player.

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World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking 10
World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking WTF IS THIS! i like playing Japanese battleships, right now im rocking the Kongo, and it hard to notice i have to fight [edited]FUSOS AND. WoT still has MM issues, once this goes to open Beta I'm sure things will Co-op Matchmaking also has a few issues where Tier 1 ships get.
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World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking - Dating victorian photos

Matchmaking fail (the need to balance heavies) - posted in General Another issues is when the high tier vehicles are totally unbalanced.

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