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Hard start kit hook up

hard start kit hook up

how to install a hardstart kit for an air conditioner compressor. Interesting that start capacitor between relay. I want to install a hard start kit in my air conditioning unit, but i am not sure which of the connection to connect to. The run capacitor has a red, blue & yellow wire. But my real question is about the hard start kit. Jeanne, and the eyewall of Wilma i hooked up a few neighbors with used ones off my truck.

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The Run winding can be identified in most cases by a Red wire coming from the R terminal on the compressor. Failure to properly install this kit can and will cause permanent damage to the compressor and related components. The potential relay should be mounted with the mounting tab up. Most states require the installer to be licensed. Most require the installer to be licensed. Check to see that the Common "C" terminal of the compressor also connects to T1. Note that there may be more than one.

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