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Ugly ball dating site

ugly ball dating site

Ugly Bug Ball users Tom Clifford and Janine Walker are to be married, you see, and they met thanks to this self-described dating site for the. Dating website The Ugly Bug Ball, which offers “dating for the aesthetically challenged,” is celebrating a major milestone: its first engagement. NewsFeed wants to clip this news out and show it to our parents: Don't worry about us! British dating website The Ugly Bug Ball has an.

Dating site is HERE

After four dates which honestly seems a little soon, but who are we to judge? NewsFeed feels a little sad about this, and in fact is brainstorming ways to give each member of the site a hearty self-esteem boost. From the Telegraph via LemonDrop. See more on TIME. As Clifford told the Telegraph:. Incidentally, the Telegraph has a photo of Tom and Janine and they look like completely normal people.

TheUglyBugBall is an online dating site for those who are “aesthetically site. Connect with The Ugly Bug Ball through social media: Twitter and Facebook. Dating website 'for ugly people' celebrating first engagement Just seen your beautiful face on The Ugly Bug Ball and would love to meet up.

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